Kaiser Chiefs Stay Together Review


The Kaiser Chiefs were once Britain’s most renowned indie-rock band and were climbing the charts with moody, political hits such as I Predict A Riot and Ruby. But now, with the help of Xenomania‘s Brian Higgins and singer songwriter MNEK, Stay Together is the beginning of a new popcentric Kaiser Chiefs chapter.

Stay Together, the Leeds band’s sixth album, is crammed with feel-good ballads like Good Clean Fun and Happen in a Heartbeat, which talk of sex and heartbreak, but also features society-motivated tracks like Sunday Morning and High Society which mock the world we live in and could have easily been featured on their previous album, Education, Education, Education and War.

My pick from the album is the final track, Still Waiting. It’s an eerie and tear jerking combination of gritty lyrics, slow vocals and acoustic guitar that made me sob the first time I heard it. It’s unlike any of the other tracks in the band's back catalogue as you can tell it really does come from the heart. It's a heartbreaking confession of dedication even after a relationship, noted in the line I'm still waiting, even though we're not electric anymore. Its enough to make anyone want to give their loved one a big hug. However, the tears are quickly cleared once the frankly confusing and jumbled secret track, Lazor Jam, kicks in.

All in all, Stay Together is a mile away from the laddy guitar days of Employment but with festival anthems such as We Stay Together and Hole In My Soul, it won’t be putting the band out of business any time soon. The album is a huge leap away from their 2014 No.1 but, I like it.