Double Standards


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Every Wednesday lunchtime, I attend Girls IT Club. We never do any IT, instead we just sit and gossip with two of our teachers. However, yesterday we began an argument (although the others call it a 'hearty debate') over whether it was right for a YouTuber to put up a photo of her weight loss three months after giving birth. We were all discussing how amazing it was that she had lost that weight so quickly, whereas our teachers were very quick to jump to the conclusion that it was terrible and scary that we were 'idolising' this woman for how skinny she was, completely missing the point in why we were saying she was amazing. Now the irony within this is that my teachers, two married thirty something year olds, were not ten minutes before talking about what men they found attractive and discussing shirtless photos of them.

These double standards are what is totally wrong with today's society. We live in a world where it is acceptable, in the eyes of a woman, to drool over a man who has been heavily sexualised, such as a Calvin Klein model or a fit actor, but the minute a man says that a woman had nice breasts or a nice arse, they are attacked by angry feminists telling them how wrong and evil they are. The idea of the 'lad mag' is one that is appalling and sickening, but when you think about it, it's just a paper version of the over sexualisation of men that we see online every day. It's the same for pornography; we beg for the porn industry to be destroyed but the second a male celebrities nude is leaked online, women are all over it. But what about when a females nude is leaked? Do we sit there sharing it about and obsess over the size of her boobs? No. We advocate for it to be taken down out of fear of the woman being embarrassed.

The same double standards come to skinny shaming and fat shaming. If a woman is shamed for being confident in her body which may be classed as 'plus size', we rally to make them feel beautiful and tell them to ignore the haters, but when a woman is shamed for being too skinny, whether it's down to herself or not, we just ignore it and shrug because, well, who doesn't want to be skinny? They've got the ideal world. But we argue that we don't hate on them because of their size and that we're only looking out for them, but what if society hates them because we all want to be them?

A few years ago, my crush got a girlfriend and I hated her for no reason apart from the fact I wanted to be in her position. So perhaps this is the reason why we hate people for no reason; because we want to be them. Of course I am sure that every person in the world would want to be skinny and look like Mila Kunis or Kim Kardashian but we know that it will simply never happen and so we accept it and move on. But what about the people who constantly attack Kylie Jenner and tell her that she's famous for no reason? Is it because all they really want is her life? Because I know I would love to have her life. But sadly, we live in a world where the economy is ruined and success only comes to those who are beautiful or rich. It is slowly getting harder and harder for the working and middle classes to succeed and become politicians or bankers.

I live in a era that's slowly being taken over by the Tumblr generation that believes that all women bigger than a size 10 are beautiful and that those who are skinnier are mutants. That men have no feelings and can be manipulated and controlled in whatever way we want and that feminism is the belief in woman being more powerful than men which it quite simply isn't. I am a proud feminist and believe that the treatment of men and women should be the same. That women shouldn't get to drool over men and then moan when a man drools over a female celebrity. We live in a world where it is acceptable for a woman to tell a man that she wants to be fucked by him, and yet the second a man says that a woman is beautiful, we are up in arms and advocating for the man to be publicly shamed. Perhaps this is why the idea of male rape is ridiculed and laughed at, or why suicide takes the lives of 1/4 men in the UK.

Perhaps all of these standards that we push on men to look like Justin Bieber and have a big penis is affecting them more than we are led to believe. Because whilst most media companies are run by men for men, thus being why page three exists, but the internet is constantly overrun by photos of men in their underwear who have been airbrushed to perfection. Men are always seen as being tough and impossible to form but really, these images have exactly the same affect on them as the photos that VS models put up on Instagram have on women. It is demoralising and makes us feel a bit rubbish.

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