An Ode To Stationery


I'm one of those ridiculously nerdy girls that loves stationery with a burning passion, especially notebooks. (I have an entire draw of notebooks. I know.) So compiling my favourite stationery items into a blog post seemed like the perfect idea.

A lot of my stationery bits were influenced by a little corner of Tumblr, the studyblr community. The main impulse purchase thanks to my fellow studyblrs was the Pilot FriXion Pastel Highlighters which I picked up from Amazon for £6; a lot of money for a five pack of highlighters. As much as I love the shades of them, they're pretty rubbish highlighters as a. they smudge my pen and b. the ink always bunches up at the end of where I've highlighted, leaving an uneven highlight. All in all, I probably wouldn't repurchase them but I'll try and use them up. Another Tumblr-enabled purchase were the Muji 0.5mm Gel Pens which I seriously love. I have all of the colours and two six packs of the black ones. I use these pens every day for my school work and the only disadvantage is that the ink smudges so easily so I always have to be careful when writing. I think a leftie would really struggle with these pens, but as I'm a righty I just about manage to cope.

But moving on to notebooks, I have a standout favourite. For all of my A-Level subjects, I have an Oxford Campus A4 Wirebound Notebook. The paper quality is insane and makes writing so easy and comfortable. The paper is also quite thick so it's pretty rare for the ink to run through the paper, both when writing and highlighting. The only highlighter that I've found to have run through the paper is my Promarkers but as I rarely use them, it's not that much of a problem. But as far as the rest of my notebook are concerned, they're from a whole range of places. My prized notebook, though, is my A5 Mulberry Lined Notebook that I bought as a 16th birthday present to myself. I am yet to use it as it is so pretty, and have instead been making my way through my notebook draw. I tend to use my notebooks for doodling and plotting out ideas for fan fiction rather than using them for anything overly productive. I really want to start a diary in 2017 so will defiantly use one of my many notebooks for that!

Have you got a favourite type of pen or a favourite notebook? Let me know in the comments below!

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