Take That Giants Review


Take That are Britain's biggest and most successful boyband ever. Yes, they're even more successful than One Direction and The Beatles. If you look at their back catalogue then it's pretty clear to see why that is, with 90's anthems such as Back For Good and, of course, the 2007 number one Rule The World which has been played at every wedding to have ever happened since it was released. Now, the three remaining members (Mark, Howard and Gary) are back after a three year break with their new single, Giants, and a new album, Wonderland. 

I've always been a massive Take That fan and have seen them live twice, and will be seeing them twice this year too. Mark has always been my favourite, and I cried the morning I found out that Jason had left the band. Admittedly, I was pretty disappointed with their last album III, but after hearing it live I realised that actually, it's not that bad. I'm hoping that the same will happen with Giants. 

My first thought when I was listening to Giants is that it sounds a lot like Union J's song Tonight (We Live Forever.) Now, that isn't a bad thing but it's also not the BEST o things to say about a new Take That song. Take That have been renowned for their ballads and feel good songs which, yes this is, but it's nothing close to Greatest Day or The Flood. Looking at Giants and then III, it's pretty clear to see that Jason had a HUGE impact on the band's sound, even if he was often forgotten about. 

Lyrically, though, Giants is great. The chorus made me tear up a little bit when I first listened to it and after going through the lyrics, I realised it's probably about the band's fans rather than one individual which is sweet. I do think that an acoustic version of Giants will be more to my liking, though. Also, I'm praying that Mark and Howard are going to sing a bit more on Wonderland. That was another thing that really disappointed me about III, 90% of the songs were just Gary singing and then Mark and Howard's voices layered over the top Really, all I want is an album full of songs like The Garden and Mancunian Way

Also, can we just take a minute to appreciate how good Mark looks on the single cover? Serious make up inspo. 

Giants is out now and the new album, Wonderland, will be released on the 24th March.  

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